SKU : 886.WB106MINI


Solid wood workbench: special model for children!
Worktop out of rubber wood
Two vises
Plenty of storage space (tray, drawer)
4 bench dogs and 4 wood pegs
Certificated according to EN71-1
Not suitable for children under 3 years of age
Working height can be adapted by means of the screwed-on adjustable feet so that this workbench offers an ideal workplace for your children for several years (min. 655mm without/removed adjustable feet, 700mm with fully screwed-in adjustable feet up to a maximum of 725mm with screwed-up adjustable feet).
Additional highlight are the stickers from BADALA which were specially designed for HOLZMANN to also use the packaging for playing. To encourage creativity and as an entry-ticket to the HOLZMANN Space Academy.
Included in delivery: 4 sticker leaves + short instructions for build up a toy rocket out of the packaging carton.