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With 2800 W, the scheppach tool GS60 is a real power pack.
Even shredding large and dense branches with a diameter up to 45 mm is not a problem.
The integrated catch bucket reliably collects the shredded material and is comfortable to transport.
The shredder is very quiet and only achieves 94 dB.

• Powerful 2800 W motor
• Cuts branches with a diameter up to 45 mm
• 60 L catch bucket for shredded material
• Including large wheels for easy transportation
• 20.8 kg allow a safe stand, even when heavy material is shredded

If you want to dispose of your garden waste such as branches and cuttings in a particularly convenient way or prepare it for further use, you can rely on a roller shredder, also known as a quiet shredder, such as the GS60 from Scheppach. Thanks to the electric motor and roller system, it is particularly quiet and makes working more pleasant. The power consumption of the 2800 W induction motor is also lower than that of other models.

A slowly rotating drum cutter is responsible for the low noise level. Instead of rapidly rotating knives, the GS60 garden shredder has a cutting roller that rotates 100 times slower than a knife disc and crushes the clippings. The wood fibers are broken up and are particularly easy to compost. The counter plate of the roller cutting and squeezing system can be readjusted from the outside using an adjusting wheel if the branches are no longer cleanly cut. If the GS60 roller chopper is blocked, the direction of rotation of the roller can be reversed. The automatic return system removes blockages in the cutting unit in the garden shredder quickly and easily.

The GS60 roller chopper is particularly suitable for harder, woody materials such as branches, tree cuttings with a maximum branch thickness of 45 mm. The supplied tamper is used for safety when working with the garden shredder. Chopped up material is collected in a 60 L collecting container. There is no need for manual and time-consuming collection of the chopped material. The large wheels of the driving device make it easy to transport. The garden shredder can be used anywhere in the garden where there is a power connection nearby. Instead of dragging bulky branches through the garden, the shredder is simply brought to the right place.

Technical data

Dimensions L x W x H 650 x 455 x 910 mm
Chipper blade material Steel
Max. branch thickness Ø 45 mm
Motor speed 60 rpm
Motor 230 – 240 V~ / 50 Hz
Motor power 2800 W
Weight net / gross 20.8 / 22.5 kg
Packaging dimensions 570 x 530 x 385 mm