SKU : 208.GY143150


The Goodyear GY 150WS wood chipper or shredder is specifically designed for grinding medium diameter branches and logs. Ideal for all those who need to maintain greenery and who need to quickly remove and grind biodegradable waste from the soil. The GY 150WS machine is equipped with modern CE-compliant electrical safety devices.
Equipped with tow hook, useful for transport by any means.
Limitations: the final dimensions of the wood chips are higher than the average due to the lack of centrifugation hammers. The shredder produces pieces of about 4-5 cm and is not suitable for grinding leaves or other small green material. These shredders are specific for chipping medium diameter branches (compatibly with the maximum cutting diameter indicated on each model), not suitable for leaves and small green material, and not suitable for small diameter branches.


  • Rotor system in steel
  • Cutting diameter (reaches 90 mm without problems) - however for branches over 50 mm in diameter it must be fed slowly to allow it to be able to grind diameters of these large dimensions, thus entering the branch slowly.)
  • Exceptional working capacity, it can face intense and heavy work sessions even constantly grinding large diameter woods at a professional level.
  • High hourly productivity, much higher than the classic petrol garden shredders with blade rotor and hammers.
  • Intermediate transmission with double V-belt.
  • Unified hopper.
  • Adjustable discharge mouth with deflector with adjustable inclination.
  • It allows you to unload vegetable waste in a crate.
  • The front support foot is very wide and guarantees stability to the machine. This allows the weight to be distributed over a greater surface, thus preventing the shredder from sinking on not very consistent soils.
  • The shredder has been equipped with a double handle to facilitate moving operations.
  • The chipper is also equipped with large pneumatic wheels 16 * 8.00-7 that allow for easy transport.

  • Engine model and make: Goodyear
  • 4-stroke single cylinder - OHV
  • Cylinder type: Aluminum
  • Displacement: 420 cm³
  • Nominal power: 15 Hp
  • Effective Power: 13 Hp
  • Type of starting: pull
  • Unified and self-feeding hopper
  • 2 large and thick cutting blades

Warning: Like all shredders and chippers, it is not suitable for grinding grass, leaves, pine needles, etc ... (it is made to shred branches, but it can grind leaves, needles and other vegetation attached to them)
The engine is SUPPLIED WITHOUT OIL. Read the instruction manual carefully before starting it.
The machine is equipped with a centrifugal clutch and for correct use the engine must always work at high speeds