Allgemeine Verkaufsbedingungen

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all products and services bought online on the ""  website, owned by:

GLS72 SRL, legally based in Novafeltria (47863_RN), Località Torricella 315, tax code and VAT  00175030410, hereafter the  “Supplier”.

1.2 The following General Terms and Conditions of sale shall apply to every supply contract, being it agreed upon by telephone, orally, by fax, email or online.

1.3 The following General Terms and Conditions of sale will apply as long as they are not modified, in written form and posted by the Supplier on the website. Different Conditions will be considered effective and applicable only if openly agreed upon in written form.

1.4 GLS72 srl sells the products listed in its website both to individuals and to professional customers (i.e. craftsmen, professionals, companies, wholesalers, dealers etc.). The latter should guarantee that the products bought will be used for professional work only. Should the buyer be a non-professional consumer of the product (i.e. a natural person not using the product professionally in his/her job), the contract between GLS72 srl and the buyer will be subject to the applicable Consumer protection law (Decree 206/2005, integrated and modified by Decree 21/2014).  

2.1 Before buying one or more products from the Supplier’s Website, an Account shall be created using the dedicated section of the website.

The Contract between GLS72 srl and the Buyer is deemed to be valid upon total or partial acceptance of the order by GLS72 srl and upon written confirmation, sent to the email address inserted by the Buyer, including some basic information taken form the order form.

2.2 By placing an order, following any of the procedures allowed as explained on the Website, the Buyer acknowledges to have read all the information given during the purchase procedure and to fully accept the general conditions of sale and payment.

2.3 Shall the Buyer be a natural person (not buying the goods for his/her professional activity), at the end of the purchase procedure he/she should print or save a digital copy of these general terms and conditions of sale in compliance with art. 50 et seq. of the Decree Law 206/05 on distance selling.

2.4 The Buyer shall not have the right to any reimbursement or monetary compensation and the Supplier shall not have any liability, contract or non-contract related, for direct or indirect damages to people and/or objects, caused by  the partial or total non-acceptance of the placed order.

2.5 It is strictly prohibited for the Buyer to enter false and/or made-up and/or fake data during the necessary registration process and to use those data for the contract and any related communication; personal data and email address registered must be real and belonging to the Buyer, it is prohibited to enter made up or personal data of a third party.

2.6 It is prohibited for any individual Buyer or company to perform multiple registration processes or to enter data belonging to a third party. GLS72 srl has the right to prosecute any violation and misuse to protect and in the interest of all the buyers.

3.1 The Buyer can buy the products as displayed and described in their information and technical specifications section on the online catalogue at the moment of the order placement. Any technical specification given is an exact copy of the information provided by the item manufacturer. GLS72 srl reserves the right to modify the technical specifications of any product, without notice, to  adapt them to those provided by the manufacturer.

Any extra information material (i.e. glossaries, user’s guides etc.) are for general information only. The image in the product data sheet may differ from the actual product in colour, dimensions, accessories.

3.2 GLS72 srl shall confirm the placement of the order through an email sent to the address entered by the Buyer during the order placement process. The order confirmation email shall include the following:

  • Number and date of order: to be referred to in any other message to and from GLS72 srl;
  • Product(s), quantity, price (with distinct reference to the VAT amount if applicable);
  • Payment method;
  • Shipping costs if not included in the product price;
  • Total amount due.

The message shall also contain the Buyer’s personal data, which he/she shall check; any mistake and necessary corrections shall be immediately communicated by the Buyer through any available means.

3.3 The order confirmation message shall be sent within 24 hours after the payment is received, the Buyer shall be immediately advised of any failure in the order acceptance process by GLS72 srl.

3.4 All the prices in the products data sheets include VAT costs, in compliance with the Italian VAT applicable rate to private citizens. For Buyers registered as companies the VAT costs shall be separated from the amount due for the product. VAT-free prices shall apply to products sold in countries outside the EU.

A different price list shall be issued for products to be supplied to the United Kingdom, with deducted VAT costs by 20%.

The payment of the goods shall be done by the Buyer using one of the payment methods listed online at the time of the purchase. The payment shall be valid only if done directly to the Supplier in the same currency as that of the accounting documents and only when the Supplier accepts it as agreed upon in the order form. Any payment done following a payment procedure not agreed upon shall not be considered valid.

The following payment methods are accepted:


By using this payment method the Buyer will be redirected to the Paypal website where he/she will be asked to insert his/her Paypal email address and password or create a new Paypal account. The amount due will be charged on the Buyer’s Paypal account or on the credit or prepaid card associated with it at the time of the purchase, the Buyer will receive an email from Paypal confirming the transaction.

In case of cancellation the amount will be refunded on the Buyer’s Paypal account.

4.2 CREDIT CARDS                                          

The following credit cards are accepted:


            -Visa Electron;



            -MasterCard Commercial;


            -Carta Si;


The Buyer’s card will be charged upon order confirmation.

The Buyer’s credit card details will be transmitted using a safe internet connection, directly to the bank website in charge of the transactions. The afore mentioned data are therefore neither memorised nor filed by GLS72 srl, neither during the order placing nor confirmation process.

When the Buyer, as a result of intervening needs, willingly discloses his/her credit card details to the Supplier, those data will be stored and processed according to the Decree Law 196/2003 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR 679/2016 et seq. and used for contract purposes only.

Under no circumstances shall GLS72 srl be considered liable for the fraudulent and illicit use of credit cards by third parties.

If deemed necessary, GLS72 srl shall ask the Buyer to provide further information or a copy of any relevant document proving the Buyer is the actual owner of the credit card used. In lacking thereof GLS72 srl reserves the right to cancel the order, even if already confirmed, without prejudice to paragraphs 2.5 and 2.6 of this document.

Both in case of cancellation by the Buyer, which is only allowed before goods delivery, or by GLS72 srl, which is entitled to not accept the order, the Buyer shall be refunded the amount paid.


Should the payment be done through a bank transfer, the order shall be processed and fulfilled only after the amount due is credited on the company’s bank account, whose details are below and which shall be communicated to the Buyer at the time of the order placement:


Bank details for bank transfers:

GLS72 srl

BPER spa

Iban: IT 77 E 05387 24203 000000010470

Payment description: order number, name and surname of the Buyer

Both the order number and the full name and surname of the Buyer need to be written in the payment description section.

5.1 Sales done through the website are not considered mail-order selling, therefore invoicing is not mandatory according to art. 22 of the Presidential Decree n. 633/72, nor is the issuing of any receipt according to art. 2, letter oo) of the Presidential Decree 21/12/2016 n. 696.

5.2 The Buyer registered as private citizen may ask for an invoice at the time of the order placement, entering the required data in the VAT, Tax Code, Recipient code or Certified email address (PEC). If an invoice is not specifically required, a standard receipt will be issued for the Buyer registered as private consumer.

The invoice shall be sent to the Buyer via email.

For orders whose value exceeds the amount of € 3,600.00, even if placed by private consumers, an invoice shall be issued, a Tax Code will therefore be required.

6.1  The delivery is considered accomplished as soon as the goods are entrusted to the courier for end-customer delivery. The valid date of delivery is that written on the order confirmation document. GLS72 srl shall deliver ordered goods in compliance with section 5 of this document and entrusting couriers and/or freight forwarders listed below. 

6.2  The Supplier shall choose the most suitable packaging for each product although it shall not be considered liable for any failure, damage, alteration and deficit occurred after the goods have left its warehouse. Unless otherwise specifically required in written form by the Buyer on the order document or via email to, the packaging shall be carried out based on the Supplier’s knowledge and expertise. Extra costs shall apply to any custom packaging required. Any claim or objection resulting from or related to transport and/or to any other dispatching-related activity shall be submitted by the Buyer only to the carrier or any third party involved. The Supplier shall not be held responsible for any loss or product damage resulting from transport or mishandling.

6.3 Should the addressee fail to collect the goods at the time of delivery, the courier shall leave a failed delivery note. The Buyer is responsible for tracking the delivery through the tracking-dedicated  section in his/her account or using the link sent to his/her email address; a good collaboration between GLS72 srl, the Buyer and the courier can guarantee a smooth delivery and avoid goods storage.

Unless otherwise agreed upon between the parties, the contract shall be implemented within 30 days starting from the day after the order placement (in compliance with art. 61 of Decree Law 6/9/2005 n. 206). Delivery time may vary according to the selected carrier and the place of delivery. Should the Buyer refuse to collect the goods delivered at the afore mentioned conditions, the Supplier has the right to be paid the full amount agreed upon. If the Buyer fails to collect the goods within 5 days from delivery the Supplier can store it in a  depository at the Buyer’s own risk and expenses. The carrier shall deliver the goods at street level. In no case shall the Supplier be liable for late or no delivery arising from or caused by force majeure or accidents. The Supplier reserves the right to postpone delivery times without giving rise to any compensation in the following cases: a) force majeure, i.e. strikes, power outage, fire on the Supplier’s premises and/or any other event not caused by the Supplier; b) missing, insufficient or wrong details entered by the Buyer and deemed necessary for the order placement; c) any change in the order agreed upon by the Supplier after the order had already been processed; d) problems of supply of raw materials. At the Buyer’s discretion, the goods can be insured against transport risks; the insurance policy shall be paid by the Buyer and the costs may vary depending on the carrier.

6.4 GLS72 srl accepts orders to be dispatched in Italy, in the EU and outside Europe.

6.5 Depending on the dispatching area and the kind of delivery required by the Buyer, one of the following carriers shall be entrusted:

- G.l.s Executive: domestic deliveries;

- Fedex: deliveries within and out of the EU;

- UPS: deliveries within and out of the EU;

- TNT: deliveries within the EU.

Delivery costs, if applicable and explicitly mentioned at the time of the order placement, are to be paid by the Buyer.

Goods shall be delivered to the address entered at the time of the order placement.

6.6 An email confirming the shipping of the goods shall be sent to the Buyer who, through the tracking number provided, can monitor the delivery of his/her goods. 

Under no circumstances shall GLS72 srl be liable for any delay in the order fulfilling or in the delivery  process once the goods have been dispatched to the carrier. During delivery, goods are covered against damage, loss or theft by the carrier’s insurance policy, whose details are written in the agreement entered into with GLS72 srl.

Unless otherwise agreed upon by GLS72 srl at the time of the order placement, goods are delivered at street level, extra costs shall apply to any different delivery requirement.

At the time of delivery, the Buyer shall check the packaging and confirm it is whole, undamaged, not soaked and in no way altered, sealing material (i.e. duct tape and strapping band) included.

Any damage to the packaging shall be immediately notified with a “goods delivered unchecked” note and the reason of it (i.e. “hole in the packaging”, “flattened packaging”, open packaging”) to write on the carrier consignment note. 

The Buyer shall open the delivered packaging within 3 day from the delivery and he/she shall examine whether the quantity of the goods corresponds to the order and whether the product(s) are undamaged. 

Any complaint about damaged goods, wrong quantity or product(s) shall be reported within 3 days from delivery to

Our inventory is not synchronised, therefore it is possible that some products listed as “in stock” on the website are not actually available.

If the goods are not actually in stock, GLS72 srl shall inform the Buyer and order a new supply as soon as possible, making sure the products can be ready for delivery to the Buyer within 1 to 10 days from the day of the order placement.

If the Buyer cannot wait for the goods to be in stock again, he/she shall advise GLS72 srl by sending an email to; the total amount paid by the Buyer shall be refunded. Under no circumstances is GLS72 srl liable for an aborted delivery of the ordered goods if this is due to the lack of such goods in stock; the Buyer has no right to any extra reimbursement or compensation. 

8.1 According to the Consumer protection law (Decree law n.206, 06/09/2005), as amended by Decree Law n. 21/2014, the Buyer as consumer, i.e. as a natural person who is acting for the purposes other than those of his trade, business or profession, has the right to cancel a contract, with no need to provide a justification, within 14 days from the actual delivery of the goods to the Buyer or a designated third party. If the order included more than one product, the cooling-off period shall start upon delivery of the last goods.

8.2  To cancel a purchase, the Buyer shall send a written notice to GLS72 srl within the statutory deadline.  The cancellation notice shall be considered valid only after the dedicated cancellation form, to be found in the Buyer’s personal account on the website or on the Home page under “PURCHASE CANCELLATION”, has been duly filled out. Upon receipt of the cancellation form, GLS72 srl shall contact the Buyer and start the product(s) returning procedure. No product can be returned without a formal authorisation by GLS72 srl.

8.3 The right to cancellation is subject to the following conditions:

- the Buyer has the right to cancel the purchase of the whole product only, cancellation right does not apply to single parts of the products;

- the product must be returned in its original packaging, accessories and information material included, adhesive labels and duct tape on the original packaging should be avoided;

- the product returned must be in perfect conditions, the returning of damaged or dirty products as well as of goods with signs of wear is not allowed;

- cancellation right does not apply to tailor-made or customised products.

Cancellation right ceases to be valid if the goods are not returned to GLS72 srl within 14 days from the “purchase cancellation” communication. The 14-day-return deadline is met if the goods are dispatched within 14 days.

Cancellation right ceases to be valid if the returned goods are not in their original packaging (i.e. product packaging or manufacturer’s packaging), if any information material, parts and accessories are missing, if the product is damaged or in an unsuitable returning condition.

Should cancellation right cease to be valid, GLS72 srl shall store the product which will remain available for the Buyer to collect at his/her expenses.

Should the goods be damaged during the returning process, GLS72 srl shall advise the Buyer who shall file a report with the selected carrier and ask for a refund of the product’s value, provided the damaged product was insured. GLS72 srl shall call off the purchase cancellation and store the product, which will remain available for the Buyer to collect at his/her own expenses.


8.4 Upon delivery, returned items shall be checked for damages, alterations and missing parts not resulting from transportation. Should the packaging and/or the manufacturer’s box be damaged, GLS72 srl is entitled to withhold 10% of the product value to cover refurbishment costs.

The Buyer is to be held accountable for any decrease in the item value resulting from misuse of the product. GLS72 srl reserves the right to charge the Buyer for the decreased value.

After the returned item checks, GLS72 srl shall refund the Buyer as soon as possible within thirty (30) days from the “purchase cancellation” notification, provided the cancellation right conditions are met and the returned items are accepted. The Buyer shall be refunded through the same payment method  used for the purchase (in case of bank transfer, bank details should be provided).

If Paypal was the selected payment method, please refer to the Paypal Refunded Returns Service (further information on

9.1 All products are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, whose terms and conditions are established by the manufacturer itself. This warranty applies to the product only, any other compensation or reimbursement excluded.

The manufacturer’s warranty applies to any product whose lack of conformity and/or malfunction could not be found at the time of the purchase, provided that such product has been used correctly, in compliance with the purpose it was designed for and following the operating standards as written in the technical information material, if included. The afore mentioned warranty shall not apply to neglected or misused products, items which were not duly maintained or which were plugged to power systems not compliant with legal standards. Should the complaint about faults and defects be unfounded, should faults and defects result from a wrong use of the product by the user and not be hidden manufacturing defects, the Buyer can:

  1. i) let GLS72 srl keep the item waiving the right to any reimbursement;
  2. ii) use GLS72 srl care and repair service, extra costs apply;

iii) ask GLS72 srl to send the product back;

For options ii) and iii) product transportation and repair costs are to be paid by the Buyer.

Shipping costs for items to be substituted or repaired as well as for substituted or repaired items are to be paid by the Buyer.

For further information and questions about warranty terms and conditions, please contact GLS72 srl customer service:

- phone 0541-921404 Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

- email:

9.2 For items lacking conformity, GLS72 srl shall advise the Buyer free of charge on the closest repair centres. The Buyer shall send an email to, GLS72 srl shall inform the Buyer about any available repair centre.

If the item is lacking conformity, the Buyer has the right to have the product repaired or substituted with no extra charges, the Buyer shall obtain a discount on the item price or a purchase cancellation according to art. 130 of the Decree Law 206/2005.

Repair or substitution time depends on the manufacturer or on the repair centre only, no compensation claim can be addressed to GLS72 srl for delays.

9.3 In order for the warranty to be valid, the purchase invoice or receipt is needed, Buyers should therefore print and keep the invoice or receipt sent per email.

The Buyer can send his/her letters of complaint to: GLS72 srl, Località Ca’ del Vento, 135, 47863 Novafeltria (RN) or to

As Data Protection Officer, GLS72 srl is required to provide answers to any question about personal data processing and protection, i.e. the data subject has the right to ask whether his/her personal data are stored in  the GLS72 srl system; what was the source the data were taken from, what is the purpose of the personal data collection and processing; the data subject has the right to have his/her personal data updated, amended,  integrated, erased, or anonymously registered; he/she has the right to stop personal data processing if performed illegally,  to object the data processing on legitimate grounds or to object processing for marketing purposes, advertising-related, processing used for market research, direct sale or commercial communication. The data subject can require the erasure of his/her personal data provided that a written note is sent to GLS72 srl in compliance with clause 10 of this document.

If the Buyer has subscribed to GLS72 srl Newsletter, he/she has the right to have his/her name erased from the mailing list at any time, a complete erasure of the subject’s name shall be performed within 72 hours from the time of the erasure request. 

For  further information about personal data and Cookies processing on the website, please see the dedicated “Privacy and Cookies” section.

All agreements to which these general terms and conditions apply are governed exclusively by the Italian law; any disputes concerning the application, the interpreting or the performing of such agreements shall be exclusively subject to the competence and jurisdiction of the Italian court in Udine and of the Italian applicable law at the time of such disputes.

Disputes concerning the interpreting, the performing or the termination of any distance selling agreement by a private consumer, as per art. 63 of the Decree Law 205/2006, shall be subject to the competence and the jurisdiction of the court of the consumer’s city of residence, provided this is in Italy. In any case, the EC Regulation 44/2001, the Directive 200/31/EC on Electronic Commerce and the Decree Law n. 70 9/04/2003   apply.